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Jason Mills
June 07, 2017

Danielle is my weight loss counselor. I've lost 42 pounds since Feb 1, 2017, so 4 months and I am now at my goal weight! I started at 241 and I'm now at 199 pounds. I am a 47-year-old 6'3" guy. Danielle has been wonderful because she is so motivating and so friendly. She's a great communicator and always keeps our weekly appointments right on time. When I sit down for my appointments with her after I weigh in, she always asked me what kind of eating challenges I've been having and what potential challenges might be coming up in the coming week. She always offers great ideas about how to stay on the program and still be able to live your life comfortably socially. What I like most about Medifast is that it has been a structured and simple weight-loss program. Because it's so structured it has been easy for me to follow and stay focused and especially because I had such immediate results that right away I didn't want to make a mistake and cheat on my weight loss plan. So, I never did. The Medifast meals are really pretty good tasting for the most part. Eating every 2 hours has been a huge lifestyle change for me for the better. That way I never get too over-hungry and so I never overeat anymore. I have referred my Mom and another good friend to Medifast and Danielle. They have also been very successful. A friend of mine referred me and he was very successful. Everyone else on staff there is also very friendly and encouraging. Highly recommended!

Daniel Wilson
June 19, 2014

Having gone from 215lbs to 180lbs in less than 3 months I am more than pleased with the results so far. I am less than 10lbs from my stated goal. Sabrina has been more than helpful and supportive of my efforts providing information and inspiration when I need it. More impressive than the weight loss is my pants size going from 42 to 32 and possibly even 30 in the future. All it takes is hard work, dedication and perseverance to lose the weight using the Medifast framework.

John Davic
February 24, 2015

Medifast has been a life changing experience for me and for my wife and friends as well. When all other means of losing weight failed we turned to Medifast and have had incredible results. I highly recommend Medifast to anyone who wants a lifestyle change that includes weight loss. Our counselor Tiffany is awesome and helped us through our journey with her knowledge of the program and a sincere willingness to answer all our questions. I would give it 6 stars if I could! John D.

Socorrito Grabowski
November 18, 2014

This is the best program ever. I have always had a bit of a weight issue and I figure this year was all about me and taking my life back. I hit a weight that I was saying no way to and wanted to find out more about Medifast. I had seen some co-workers lose weight and when I found out that it was through Medifast I really though that was the program for me. I went in to find out information and I must say at first after they did a body scan on me and told me that I needed to lose 69 pounds and that I would lose it within like 7 months I was thinking they were crazy because there is no way that could ever Her I am today, I've so far lost 57 pounds, 40 inches overall, my waist when I started was 41 inches and as of today it is 27.5 inches and one of the other best things of it all is I no longer have to take high blood pressure medicine. The program is easy to follow and I feel as though I have one of the best counselor's Tiffany Cooper. When I meet with Tiffany it is like hanging out with an old friend who wants to see you do good. It is easy to do really good on the program because one of the nice things is that the food is really good. Every week when I go in I just love the program more and more because I'm really seeing results especially for when I started and I was wearing a size 14 and I'm now down to a size 2. Just thinking about being in a size 2 still blows my mind but of course I love it! Thank you Medifast and Tiffany for being my new best friend and helping me get my sexy back. :)

Cathe Flores
March 29, 2013

I really enjoy the Medifast Program. Working through the program has taught me many things about how to eat and more importantly what to eat. I like the fact that going through life stressors, I have the support of the Center. Irma has been awesome. She has a lot of patience and always greets you with a smile. Thanks for all your hard work and knowledge. Keep up the good work.

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