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July 27, 2020

OCC was the best thing that ever happened to me! I choice to get the gastric sleeve after years of struggling with Polytheistic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). During my struggles I found myself at 260 lbs and unable to have conceive a child. I was referred to OCC by a friend who had the surgery and started my own research. Turns out there are lots of cases where the gastric sleeve helps to elevate the symptoms of PCOS. I had my surgery in November of 2018 and have since lost 110 lbs. I started ovulating monthly (in which I never was regular). I now find myself 8 months pregnant with my first child. I owe all the credit to OCC for the outstanding job they did. The team there is wonderful and have changed my life for the better in so many ways. I will forever be grateful.

nick chase
February 13, 2020

This was a great experience. If you are nervous about traveling internationally, don't be. Every step of the way is coordinated perfectly. Calling it a vacation might be a little much, but it was a stress free experience. The entire staff was professional and friendly.

lupina gomez
February 26, 2020

My health has improve so much after the surgery. I feel amazing not only physically but internally too. A lot of the health issues I had went away after taking care of this part of my health. I had a great experience going through all this process. From the smallest details like the room commodities to the whole process, the doctor, the nurses were incredible. The best decision I had made.

Terri Polm
December 09, 2019

This was the best decision I have ever made, not just to have the gastric sleeve but picking obesity control center!! I can not say enough about Dr. Ortiz and the facility.. I have actually started advocating for the facility to all my friends and anyone else considering having surgery in Mexico. I have had super success and only after 2.5 months, I have already lost over 60 pounds and continue to feel and look great. I am an ICU nurse so quality of care was the most important aspect for me when I was searching for a facility to perform my surgery. I researched high and low in trying to find the best place for my surgery and happened to come across Obesity Control Center online. The first thing that grabbed my attention was their International Joint Commission Accreditation and then when I read the reviews and actually spoke with Efren, he guided me through the entire process prior to going and helped me overcome any apprehension I had of going to Mexico for the surgery. I then went for it and so, so glad I did. The experience of the trip was like a vacation to an actually beautiful place in Mexico. I can't explain how great the experience was in just words. It was the easiest process I could ever have imagined. The center was so professional and yet everyone there were the kindest and treated me with the highest quality of care I have ever experienced, which says a lot coming from someone that has actually spent over 25 years in the medical profession. I had to remind myself several times that I really had abdominal surgery. I never once experienced ANY negative aspects. I felt great from post op day 1 and still have not had any negative experience from the surgery. I feel healthier than I ever have and that is what the whole mission of the center and Dr. Ortiz. It is not only about the weight loss bug the healthy lifestyle. For anyone concerned, please don't be... It will be the best experience you will ever have!!

taylor shipley
May 18, 2020

I got my VSG on 9/2/19. Dr. Ortiz and the Obesity Control Center gave me my life back and I will be forever thankful. The staff is helpful and friendly, the doctors are amazing, and the facility is pristine. I was scared and didn't know what to expect, but the minute I got there I realized I had made the best decision of my life. Post surgery I encountered some health issues (not because of surgery but how my body reacted) and months of going to doctors at home got me no where. Every step of the way doctors at OCC were emailing, calling, and reaching out seeing how they could help. They asked me to come back so they could run tests, and within hours I was feeling better. I will tell anyone who listens how going to OCC in Mexico was the best thing I could have ever done. My brother got it done the same day and both of us have seen positive changes in our lives in major ways.

Obesity Control Center

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Leona Vicario 1510, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

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