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Steve Brant
September 14, 2019

Yes I’m a dude giving a review on sugaring. A good year ago I didn’t know what this was, then a lady friend suggested I meet her here while she finishes an appointment. It was a clear set up, but I went through with the chest and back hair removal. I came back again 4 months later. Yes it can be painful. Think 40yr old virgin and that was pretty much my experience, minus the hazing. However Sara is awesome, you can’t find any better. If you are looking to be silky smooth, she is your gal. And yes I can swim and run faster now. Here I come Olympics! Thanks Sara you rock!

Kara H
February 17, 2020

Sara Sweet is a GAME-CHANGER! Sara effortlessly and flawlessly executed her skill-set while “Sugaring” me, making my entire experience memorable. Sara Sweet is an EXCEPTIONAL esthetician! Sara has dedicated herself to her profession as not only an esthetician and has become an integral part of not only but skin care via waxing but in a facet of ways for my overall well-being. I don’t think anyone could begging to fathom how refreshing it has been to meet her as a first-time client, as I have never tried sugaring before and I was nervous about whether or not I was going to o walk out feeling disheartened and disappointed all over again. Sara’s personality imo and POV/My experience: Sara has a natural gift of in making clients feel welcomed. Sara initially introduced herself to me in the waiting room, glowing with her beautiful smile, blissful energy and extremely warn and open arms. Sara NEVER made me feel like a burden, inconvenience, nuisance or as if I was just another dollar sign. From the moment Sara was the COMPLETE OPPOSITE. Sara Sara has also has a natural way of genuinely making her clients feel like they truly matter and are being heard. Sara goes above and beyond and I admire how proactive and caring she is. I appreciate and respect how available Sara makes herself to her clients when needed, how prompt, detailed oriented and caring she is in her responses as well. In my experiencing, Sara will thoughtfully consider each detail about her client and professionally integrate her hard work ethic, incredible skill-set, knowledge and experience for clients struggling to find the perfect regime your skin needs. It was very obvious to me that Sara has a LOT to offer her clients. Sara’s skill-set alone with her sugaring technique is mind blowing and has been literally life changing. I was astonished and those are not understatements. Once Sara explained the sugaring process to me and we stared our session, I was actually able to to relax and be at ease for the first tie. I trusted her will sugaring my full legs, full Brazilian and eye brows with minimal to zero anxiety. Through the entire process, Sara was so mindful about reassuring me during the process (which I personally needed due to past esthetician’s/ experiences) and communicate through the whole process. I have no doubt that Sara will make you feel like you’re on top of the world, ensuring that you’re relaxed and comfortable while you’re under her ‘care’, making you hopeful about navigating through your personal “skin/sugaring” troubles. She willingly and selflessly makes caring recommendations and suggestions that leave you feeling nearly euphoric, making you feel seen, heard and your skin feeling loved. I can’t imagine ever finding such a gifted, respectful, professional, knowledgeable, clean, empathetic, accommodating, kind, caring, thoughtful, patient and understanding esthetician. Sara was a god send for me. She has changed my life in so many ways. She’s restored my hope in esthetician’s by proving to me that my delicate, fragile, stubborn blonde skin can be soft, smooth, silky and glowing. For the first time I was able to go out of the country on VACATION and wear a two piece bikini while feeling sexy and confident. Sara eliminated my fear of humiliation and embarrassment due to my past reality and fear of overwhelming amounts of either razor burn, razor bumps or massive accumulations of ingrown hairs that made my legs and bikini region look bruised and battered at times. DONT wax! Don’t shave! SUGAR WITH SARA SWEET! SUGARING with SARA SWEET WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST GIFTS YOU’LL EVER GIVE YOURSELF or someone you care about, love and see is struggling with low self esseteem regarding their skin and/or needs! (I will follow up with photos soon.)

Christina Freberg
September 17, 2019

Hands down the best hair removal experience i've ever had. I started to go to see Sara a few months ago, and I will never go back to regular waxing again! The results seem to last about a week longer than normal waxing as well. The process far less painful and much faster than normal waxing. But the main reason I keep coming back, is Sara is an absolutely delightful person. Her energy put me at ease immediately and her conversation made me completely forget that I was being sugared. On my second visit, I also learned that you can sugar your eyebrows too, which was a great experience as well. She is located inside a hair salon, about 10 seconds off the freeway, which is very convenient for me. I'm hooked and will be going to Sara forever. Thank you Sara!

Alexandria Nath
December 31, 2018

Sara is amazing! I go to her for Brazilian sugaring and today she sugared my legs for the first time and it was fantastic. All smooth for the new year! Her space is adorable and comfortable and she's super friendly. Best sugaring in San Diego!!

Jorden Livsey
March 20, 2018

Highly recommend sugaring if you haven't tried it. Sara is an amazing professional and a wonderful person. I first went to her for eyebrows and she's very talented. Also I recently got a Brazilian and it was a great experience. I've gotten Brazilians in the past but I will never go back to traditional waxing. Sugaring is so much better!! Super grateful to have come across her business

Sara Sweet Sugaring & Esthetics

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2603 Denver Street Located Inside Essence Salon & Spa, San Diego, CA 92110, USA

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