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Michael Knackerson
July 23, 2020

They have a $59.95 promotion where you can get 2 glasses and an eye exam. It's a pretty good deal but watch out for the limited stock of these promotional glasses and the upsales! There are only a limited amount of these promotional glasses, like 20 pairs per section (men's, women's, etc). All the other glasses are priced higher and you get to pay for the more expensive of the 2 that you decide to get. Then, if you want thinner lenses, bifocals, progressive, tinting or any extra niceties, it'll cost you more, sometimes a lot more. In addition, there were only 3 employees there and they were always juggling customers. The day I went in, there wasn't an optometrist on the premises (Only on Mondays, apparently) so my eye exam was conducted remotely by a person on a computer monitor. She did a good job and produced a prescription for me. However, it was just for glasses and they needed to contact the doctor to get an updated prescription for contacts. That took an hour so I asked them what the holdup was and they said that they have to get an approval from the remote doctor but they didn't send the contact prescription so the technician has me redo the test again. All in all, I was in there from 10:15 AM until 1:30 PM. That was way too long! I ended up getting another complete eye exam which they didn't charge me for but that ultimately was good because they got the response from the doctor quickly and I was able to pay my bill and get out eventually.

Sir Shawn E Farrar II
December 05, 2019

Free at customer service and very affordable prices for the low class and middle class family has many options for affordable eye care which is a very difficult thing to find in California

Michelle Scudella
July 28, 2020

I have used Stanton Optical in Tyler Texas several times and experienced great service. I moved back to California and went to the Chula Vista location. Worst experience EVER!!! I went in for a contact lenses exam back in June and ordered contacts. Here I sit 1 month later with no contacts. Every time I call I’m either on hold for 30 or more minutes with no answer or I get transferred around, OR no one can explain what is going on. The people are rude and I can’t find the name of the district or area manager! They get mad when you call and tell you to just go online and check status. My order status has been “In review” all this time. Please don’t go to this location because you will regret it. I sure do!!!

Joan Moreno-Herrera
July 30, 2020

They were helpful to my moms for an appointment but go early because even if you have an first come first serve and make sure you check in before looking for frames.

Raphael Melgoza
June 20, 2020

From the bad reviews it just seems like they love to complain. This place is busy but it is affordable. I had an appointment and still had a long wait but the staff there is understaffed and they definitely do what they can. The whole process was you go take an eye exam with a licensed eye doctor but like in a Zoom Meeting. After you choose your glasses as you wait to be called up. (This isnt really told to the customer but assuming this would make the best use of your time. The whole time waiting should've been your choosing process.) Once you get called up you get your quote and you choose your choices and pay and go home. Nothing crazy just make and appointment and its like any other eye doctor just more convenient and affordable. I do say because they do have variety of designer and higher end products too.

Stanton Optical

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1295 Broadway #209, Chula Vista, CA 91911, USA

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