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S Jereos
August 02, 2020

If you'd like to be treated and addressed as though you're one of the numerous homeless people in and around the area, do come here and shop this location!! I came in looking for certain items in mind, but without a specific list. I was approached by one of the workers, who lingered nearby. I felt like she thought I'd steal from them, when in fact I was browsing thier merchandise before actually deciding on what to purchase.

charles chiles
December 24, 2017

I always stop by Walgreens a few days before Christmas to pick up a few bottles of men's "brand name fragrances," as I have yet to find any store which I frequent, that can even come close to matching their prices : Two 75ml.bottles of JOOP! (HOMME), EAU DE TOILETTE - NATURAL SPRAY/ VAPORISASATEUR for $35! The only time that I can get the best men's fragrances/colognes for prices that would make one's head swim! At Fashion Valley, I can't even touch fragrances such as these, for less than $85 to $120 in most stores. In fact, I can usually purchase five different bottles for about $100 ; these usually cost - especially when the Christmas holiday season is over - about $250+, for the same amount! It also helps, when one is able to communicate with the store manager or associate supervisor, as sometimes I get the prices lowered for being "a frequent shopper." Ahh, yes! "THE UNITED STATES OF JOOP." Walgreens has all kinds of incredible deals and all one has to do is lšŸ‘€k! They have a full service photo department and all kinds of deals.( A few years ago, they "bought out" Rite Aid for about $7.20 a share however, that has nothing to do with this review. Their associates work really hard ; last time I was there, I had two store managers offer to help me and THAT was I call good customer service... This particular store is really awesome ; watch the newspaper for some great after Christmas sales, as well as others throughout the year.

Elizabeth Ferguson
September 28, 2019

horrible they don't even have an ATM inside the most cash back you can get is $20 if you use a debit card and the cashier that works nights as completely rude to you I asked her why there wasn't an ATM in the store and she's like I don't know I can't make it come alive and then said goodnight and like she took my food that I wanted to buy Jessica pass out and took it away and after like I wasn't even going to buy it I mean like I didn't even say if I was not going to buy it or not but the main reason was just to get cash back and I hate the way that she just jump to conclusions because I wasn't able to get $50 which was the initial amount I was looking to take out. She needs to have better customer service and that. I'm used to be a cashier and I was never rude to people like that.

March 16, 2020

So I had called first to see if car key batteries were there. I even said key battery like twice. Then I said FOB battery. The first response from the clerk was," We're not a autoparts store." I know that. I would have called autozone or oreilys for that if I needed to. Then the second response I got was," We don't sell dealership keys. I didn't ask to get a key made. So then I replied," Nevermind." I had decided, maybe I need to go check it out, she probably doesn't know what it is. I had got to the store. Walked around, instead of asking around because I was certain nobody knew what it was if she didn't know. There were there around the counter. And I didn't know if it was the same store clerk who had answered the phone. I was ready to check out and I told her," I called earlier asking if these batteries were available." Immediately, she got all defensive for no reason and then spoke to me in a condescending manner. She had even said," Let me finish." I hadn't even stopped with my sentence. With that type of customer service, I didn't even want to buy what I needed from that store if she was going to be rude like this. I understand if someone doesn't understand what a FOB battery is. That's why I had said car key battery. The questions she should have used were," What does it look like?" Can you specify a little bit more?" Rude customer service overnight. Never coming again.

Derrick Hawkins
July 06, 2020

Cool place


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